At Abbott Solicitors LLP we recruit and nurture individuals with exceptional talent and nurture their abilities while offering them a collegial work environment that promotes innovative and creative thinking

Why Choose Us?

Abbott Solicitors LLP is one of Ireland’s premier law firms. With solicitors who have vast experience in the field of law, We provide an incredible opportunity to advance your career in law surrounded by some of the best and most experienced practitioners in the business.

What we offer!

If you are a Law Student or Summer Intern and have a career-related query, please phone us on a +353 (1) 539 2471 Or +353 (0) 852 628858 or Email Us, we hire and train law students and interns to give them the training and knowledge they need to excel in the field of law. Abbott Solicitors LLP has been hiring Interns for the past three years and has helped in shaping the future of dedicated and ambitious law students.

Legal Supports


Bussiness Support

Open Position !

  •   Junior case worker

    • We have an exciting Junior Case worker vacancy, ideally for someone who does not have much experience but is willing to learn and excel, to find out more about this role, Click on “More info

  •   Imigration Consultant

    • We have an exciting opportunity for Immigration Consultants, ideally for someone who has at least one year of experience working as an immigration consultant or similar role. to find out more about this role, Click on “More info”.

  •   Solicitor

    • We have an exciting position for a solicitor, we’re looking for a qualified solicitor to help grow our services, ideally for someone who has high level of corporate expertise. to find out more about this role, Click on “More info”.

  •   IT Admin

    • We have an amazing opportunity for IT administrator, Someone with at least three years of experience as an admin or similar role. Having IT certifications i.e. CCNA, Network+ is not a requirement but beneficial for this role. to find out more about this role, Click on “More info”.

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