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A Notary is a public officer, empowered by law to Authenticate documents, the position was constituted to serve the public, in non-contentious matters usually concerned with foreign or international business.

Abbott Solicitors LLP offers a comprehensive including notarising documents, arranging for the apostille to be affixed and where required, the consularisation of documents. We have extensive experience dealing with foreign embassies and we can advise on the required protocols of all countries.

From our Dublin office we provide notary services for many of the Corporate Solicitors, Corporate Banks, Fund Management Companies in the International Financial Services Centre and private clients.


  • Power of Attorney
  • Notarial Certificate
  • Certificates of Law
  • Adoption Documents
  • Take Affidavits
  • Administer Oath
  • Attest Signature
  • Legalization of Documents
  • Certification of Documents

How long does an appointment take?

Most appointments last for 30 minutes but detailed work may require more time, for example Notarising a foreign documentation may take anywhere between two and four hours.

Types of Acceptable Identification

Following the enactment of the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010 on 8th July 2010, Notaries are now obliged to keep sufficient evidence on our files of the identity and the address of all our clients before we undertake any work.

From private individual clients, we therefore require one of the following original identification documents at the time of the appointment for each person whose signatures we are certifying and for the person who is acting as our client;

  • Current Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • National Identity Card
  • Government Issued ID

In addition to the above, we also require proof of residence which can be one of the following original documents;

  • Bank Statement or Letter
  • Utility Bill
  • Letter of Confirmation From Lawyer
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